What’s a Tesla Destination Charger and how do I find them?


Drive Zero article: https://www.drivezero.com.au/tesla-destination-charger-guide/

Tesla’s Destination Charger network is a crucial element of their public charging infrastructure, enabling (relatively) fast charging, and usually for free across a range of restaurants, hotels, and shopping centres around Australia. Here’s how they work and how to find them.


For my i3, with an adapter to Type1, I have used a number of TSLA HPWC, and haven’t had a problem, yet. They are reliable, neat, and most appear on Plugshare.
I suggest that the article is way too pessimistic, and does not reflect the potential for Destination Chargers to considerably enhance charging opportunities for other evs.


We used them often on our 2250km journey from Adelaide to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and back. We always sought the permission of the owner and were never knocked back. Some charge a small fee, others were happy for us to stay for a coffee or some wine tasting. Most were the later model 3phase units so I was able to use my portable CHAdeMO charger too. Double bonus. Only 80min for a near full LEAF charge.


Looks like you have an adapter which runs from Tesla -> Australian 32A, is that right - and then into an EVSE?
Could you share any links for the products you are using?
That portable chademo charger looks pretty serious!


I use the ‘NRGkick’ portable EVSE, to charge from TSLA HPWC to my i3, at 32A/7kW. The NRG can cope with up to 3phase, 22kW (e.g. for a Zoe). It appears to be extremely robust and uses multiple tails to enable sourcing power from 10A, 15A, 20A 1&3 ph, 3A 1&3 ph, Type2 byo-cable pillars and HPWC. It has a Bluetooth smartphone interface. It was about $2k, landed in Oz.
Also have a brand new Gelco 15A portable EVSE, which happily also plugs into HPWC, same as the i3 pic above, to Type1 cars. I am keen to sell the Gelco, as my NRG replaces it. ($700).


@Gyrogordini I just added a marketplace function at www.drivezero.com.au/marketplace
Do try and list your EVSE there - it’s new but maybe you’ll find a taker at some point.


Keith, I was going to post the item below, with updated text. I can now get to the DriveNow site (thanks), but it seems to want me to create a car advert - rather than a For Sale EV item…