What do you want to know from Chargepoint?


I’m planning on reaching out to Chargepoint to get an interview or similar about their business and plans for Australia. What would you want to know?

Some questions I have:

  • Are they seeing increased demand for EV charging installations?
  • How much power flows through their network, how fast is this increasing?
  • What can Chargepoint users do to push for more EV chargers in Australia?
  • What are their plans, if any, for swapping over from type 1 to type 2 connectors?


Are they planning to expand significantly out of the capital cities, eg to Canberra, and further inland/coastal?
Any plans for CCS/DCRC?
Agree on your point about switching to T2 from T1.


A phone app that works would be a good start! I know they’ve said there is one coming but it’s been a long time in the making.