Test an EV - Owners offering prospective EV buyers a look around their car


Here owners can make their EV’s available to other members for a look around, discussion of the pros and cons, and if the owner is OK with it, maybe a drive too.

One of the hard things about trying an EV is that dealers often don’t have models in stock, of if they are do, aren’t well-qualified to talk to prospective buyers about ownership - sharing the personal experience of ownership with a prospective buyer is a great way to get more people comfortable with EV ownership.

The Drive Zero community takes no responsibility over the success, failure or any other outcome of owner / prospective owner meetups.

Notes for Owners

  • Showcase your car here with pictures and model info, along with your general location
  • Indicate if you are happy to allow for test drives, or just a look around and answer questions (this will also depend on your car insurance implications, i.e. named vs unnamed drivers, so look into that too)
  • Feel free to say no to any tester if you don’t comfortable with the meetup

Notes for Testers

How to arrange a test? First, read the guidelines below. Second, get in touch with the owner probably via private message. Don’t arrange test times/locations in the forum publicly.

  • Please only contact an owner to arrange a test if you have a genuine interest in EV ownership, either generally or of that specific model
  • Be flexible about timing and location to suit the owner - they are trying to help
  • Come prepared with questions
  • Bring your drivers license
  • If you arrange a successful test, buy the owner a coffee, beer, flowers, whatever you think is appropriate to say thanks!