My experience with AGL’s $1/day EV charging plan...


Drive Zero article:

All you can eat electrons for $1/day for your electric car at home? It sounds too good to be true, and in my case it turned out that way too.


Sounds to me like the $1/day EV charging was a marketing brain fart that then had to be implemented somehow. Seems like a lot of fucking around for AGL even (having to install a sub-meter?!) just to charge people $1/day. Upside, they can capture customers that might not choose AGL for their electricity otherwise.


Yes, definitely a lot of hassle. I think the other objective for AGL would be to gather some data about EV charging habits - timing, consumption, etc - to help inform their future plans to support EV owners. The only real way to do that at any scale is with monitoring and the $1 / day is just the hook to get EV owners in and charging through AGL.

I was disappointed not to be able to get in - but also glad I don’t have to deal with them on an ongoing basis, so not that disappointed.


We signed up. Got the meter installed. Probably not worth it because it is dirty energy, not guaranteed renewable energy and AGL are snakes here.

Now that we can charge via the Zappi, the scheme would only work for us for 2 months a year in winter but a larger solar PV will sort that out lol.