Let’s get an Electric ute in Australia ASAP! Why Rivian needs to launch down under


Drive Zero article: https://www.drivezero.com.au/cars/lets-get-electric-ute-australia-asap-rivian-needs-launch/

Australians buy ~210,000 new Utes per year. That’s 1 out of every 117 people in Australia buying a new Ute every year. If the same percentage of people bought Utes in America, that’d be 2.8 millions new sales per year. Currently they only manage a pultry 2.3 million. So it’s clear, per person Australia buys…


An interesting article and whilst I agree with the sentiment, I can see some flaws:
1 - 2.3million sales is greater than 210thousand sales, so whilst per capita it’s more, it’s really not from a business perspective
2 - “a charging infrastructure”, where? Come over to WA and see what a charging infrastructure looks like. For the largest state and therefore the largest distances and therefore the one needing the most chargers, I’ve seen 2!
3 - “a well developed phone network”, again, come to WA and bring your EPIRB for when you are in the middle of nowhere and have no phone coverage or even radio signal!
I am really interested in this vehicle and would love to get one, but until the federal government mandates an improved policy on climate change, EV’s, etc; unfortunately the practicalities will limit any change.
Your article assumes the entire country is as developed as the East coast and sadly, it simply isn’t