Charging points in WA


Newbie here, we have an i3 that I tried to charge at a REVS charging point that kept coming up with an error message saying the mains power was low. I am not EV savvy at all, there was another car charging (X5 hybrid) and I noticed that theirs was working although it had to reconnect a few times.
Any ideas why this would be the case?
Given I am in WA I was always expecting range anxiety as our car has a lower range than others, but instead I find myself having infrastructure anxiety instead. This is the second charger near my places of activity that isn’t operational.
Your feedback would be much appreciated. I have connected with the REVS project and left a message with them, just trying to educate myself a little about how the charging system works.
Thanks in advance


What plug type were you trying to charge with your i3 @Resfeber - DC fast charging such as this? (Which I found after a bit of googling about REVS in WA).