An Overview Of All EV's Coming To Australia 2018/2019


Drive Zero article:

While 2018 was a non-event year for EV’s in Australia, 2019 is shaping up to be a spectacular breakthrough period. So checkout our quick overview look at all of the cars coming soon to Australia as well as all the current models that are available now…


Hi Alex. Thanks for the article. Why did you post details for the 40kW Kona and not the 64kW one? I’ve seen a couple of references suggesting that Australia will get the 64kWh version, eg


Hi Jay,
I didn’t include any of the other variant details for other cars as it becomes 100x more complicated having 2,3 or more different variants of each car crammed into such a small table. For example there’s the P100D variants for the Model S/X that I also didn’t include.

All the info for those other variants is in the full guides for each of the cars but for this “quick overview” I just want to show the absolute base model / price / specs for each car so it’s a bit easier to compare!


Great article Alex, thank you. I can’t wait for a decent range of EV’s to be available. I am interested in the Audi e-tron but can’t work out what size it is as the photos are deceptive, any ideas as I currently have a Q 7 and am looking to switch it to EV.


Thanks Stu!
Regarding measurement, check out the American Audi website as they list all the details:

If you go down to the “Trims & FAQs” section and click the “View technical specifications” button and it’ll show you the dimensions :+1:


I think the point Jay is making is that (according to the CarsGuide article) the 64kW version is the base model as far as Australia is concerned, i.e. the 40kW version won’t be released in Australia.