A full list of Electric Vehicles (EVs and PHEVs) available or coming to Australia


Drive Zero article: https://www.drivezero.com.au/electric-vehicles-available-in-australia-list/

Here’s a list of full electric and hybrid vehicles currently available - or we think or know are incoming to - the Australian market.


Well, I’m still waiting for the Blade Electron to rate more than a historical footnote on Drive Zero. My 2008 Blade Electron Mk5 is a classic example, number two off the production line in Castlemaine, Victoria.

Ross Blade was remarkable in that he looked around for the best existing platform … he did a prototype with a Toyota Yaris, but ended up choosing the Hyundai Getz 4 door sedan.

Many other EVs use existing rolling platforms, including Tesla. It is the smartest and most economical method. I think if the Morwell commercial EV project gets going, they should follow the same lead.