2018 BMW i3 and i3s now come with Type 2 charge connector


Just picked up my new car (which is awesome!) and discovered it can’t be charged at Westfield BMW chargers as they have J-1772 connectors and now BMW fit Mennekes (Tesla type) connectors in their cars! I can use Tesla destination chargers (apologies to any Tesla owners who see my i3s occupying their space!) but not BMW ones, unless/until I buy an adaptor.


@Robbo welcome, thanks for joining.

Yes, this is an unpublished ‘benefit’ (not so much for now) of the new i3 and i3s - the type 1 connector is gone as type 2 is going to be the de facto standard for the Australian market in future. Thankfully the adapters aren’t too expensive or complex. We’ll be doing an article on some of the options on the market in the near future - as we assume the I-PACE and other new EVs will also be Type 2, not Type 1.

For anyone not informed about the types of charging connectors here in AU, our beginners guide to charging an electric car is here…

What i3 spec did you go for?


Thanks, Keith.
I decided I wouldn’t pay for any options at all, so mine must be the least expensive i3s possible. Though it wasn’t cheap at $77k and no rebates.
The demonstrator I drove listed at $97k!
So mine’s a black BEV (hate the contrasting bonnet on other colours) with the light grey cloth interior. Makes it feel more spacious than dark colours.
I love it, though it has quirky features that don’t work well: the adaptive cruise/braking sees phantom obstructions and slams the brakes on, much to the consternation of following vehicles.
The base speakers, only in each front door, are poor and I might upgrade them. Too hard to add them to the rear doors.
Still love the car, though!


@Robbo awesome! I have an i3s on order as well, due for delivery in the next couple of months. Upgrading from my ‘regular’ 2015 i3.
I went for the light interior also and tweaked a few options.

Are you based in Sydney? I’d love to check yours out if you have time / inclination to share given I ordered without testing!


Yeah, North Sydney - you’d be welcome to have a look!


Thanks, I’ll message you directly!


Buy an adapter. It will be along while before all Type1 (J1772) EVSEs are converted (if ever). They are cheap enough (say $150). You might also need a Type2 socketed cable (to use on a cable-less standing pillar) to Type2 plug, if you want to use all available EVSE facilities (e.g. in the ACT). Again, these are a couple of hundred.


Thank you. Could you possibly send me a link to such an adaptor? The only ones I’ve found so far are around USD 270 which would be over AUD350 I think


Sure, I’ll make enquiries and get back to you.
Btw, the ACC seems to get a bit smarter, as it gets used to you (or that’s how it feels). In Low light conditions (early morn or late arvo), especially if you are driving on a road with mixed shadows across it, the ACC will bomb. You become used to it and can mostly anticipate.
The key is to hit the idrive immediately which acks the “OK”, required to resume ACC. My wife and I used to forget to OK, and couldn’t work it how to resume the otherwise excellent ACC.
The camera - not radar - is in front of the cabin rear view mirror, and needs the windscreen to be clean!


Wow, $97k? What major options did it have?


They still haven’t sold it, after 18 months as a demonstrator! And lowering the price to around $76k.
I think it has every available option - auxiliary engine, sun roof(s) upgraded stereo, driver assistance pack, 20” wheels, keyless entry, leather, alarm system, factory tints, heated seats, Apple CarPlay - the list goes on!
Getting too close in price to a Tesla Model S, at least a used one


Btw, I’ve never been refused use of a TSLA HPWC. I always ask if possible, and offer to pay for energy purchased (which my NRGkick portable EVSE tells me) at say 25c/kWh. They are very handy, and fill in a lot of gaps- having only 120km range, with virtually no DCRC, I cover a lot of country!


PS the other day I encountered an apparently suicidal pedestrian who suddenly stepped into my path, then realized (probably hadn’t heard me!) and stepped back. I was on the case, but my car slammed it’s own brakes on and the screen showed a red image of a man - pedestrian detection, I guess! If I’d been half asleep, it would have been a great help.


Hi Gyrogordini! My (battery only) i3s shows a range of 277km fully charged in eco pro + mode and I actually managed 238km the other day, with nearly 20km range remaining! These cool autumn days are perfect for non-air conditioned cruising at 90km/h!


Yes, it’s these sorts of things that you start to feel are the silent safety improvements with huge, positive ramifications. The AEB is excellent, and I don’t mind a few false positives!
The other funny with it is if you are negotiating a street with parked ehicles, and on a curve, it suddenly worries that one of the parked vehicles is a threat. Oncoming traffic (especially slow trucks) sometimes also give a false pos.
You will get more used to it - and it IS terrific!
Btw if you want to chat about anything on it, let me know…


Being tight with my electricity bill, I prefer charging on public chargers rather than in my garage. At a dinner party the other night, someone told me that our nearest car park (that I never used, ‘cos it’s only a few minutes walk away) has chargers. So I fixed myself up with the free 2 hour entry pass that local residents can get, and charged there. 3 spaces and about 6 chargers, 4 of which have the Type 2connector. Happy days!
PS there was a BMW 3 series in one bay so I hauled the parking ranger over and asked him to sticker it. To my embarrassment, we discovered it was a 330e plug in hybrid and was connected through a panel near the front wheel, which neither of us had noticed!


Wow, that’s terrific. Good for you. I’m hoping my switch to 19” wheels will give me another 10km (currently have the optional 20s.)
You may not have experienced it yet, but I do, constantly - at 19km to go, you get a warning. At 9km you get a bigger warning. At 3-5km (can’t remember) you GET A WARNING (!). I once pulled up with 2.4km remaining (to find the charge point u/s!). I believe it has a ‘turtle mode’ but I’m yet to experience that joy.

Good i3 battery practice is to keep it full if possible, all the time, and locked. The excellent UK i3 fb group says “Always Be Charging” (ABC)…
The BMS quietly and slowly works away to rebalance the cells, which is good news. (This is quite different from TSLA and Leafs, which recommend only max, constant charging to 80%).


That’s an interesting piece of advice - I’m going overseas soon for a couple of months and will leave the car in my garage. So I should leave it plugged in to my home Charger? I wasn’t sure.
Btw, I’m ordering (from a guy in Germany) a replacement boot floor that significantly increases luggage capacity by occupying the space allocated to the auxiliary engine (which I don’t have). I think you get about 30% more volume.


That is really OTT. My 2015 model has every available option, apart from the yucky, smelly REx (which suits me - being an idealistic masochist). I guess fairly simiar. - it was near $80k new (I got it for $42k).

BTW We drive in EcoPro (not +) always. Regen feels better, too.
I have an OBD port bizzo, and BimmerCode, if you want to e.g. recode to drive in EcoPro as the default; or change other parameters.


That’s good, for you. Don’t be frightened to use your granny charger though, and the odd DCRC is good for it to blow the cobwebs out inside the battery (to mix metaphors).
What amp rating is your granny charger? (Mine is only 8A…)