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EV Questions & Discussion

Ask a question about EV ownership or charging, opinions on specific EVs, what to buy or what’s coming. If you’re not sure where else to post something, post it here.

Travel & Road Trips with EVs

Share your travel and road trip EV tips or ask for help with charging in different locations.

Public Chargers

Ask where and how to charge an EV in your area or on your route, and share tips or complaints about public chargers and amenities around them.

Home Charging

Ask questions about home charger installations and share your own experiences. Home EV charging is one of the main ways to make EV ownership simpler but everyone’s circumstances for an install are different, so the more experiences that can be shared, the better.


The Drive Zero marketplace has EVs, PHEVs and in future, charging and other accessories for sale or trade. Post a new listing, or discuss / query an existing listing here in the Community.

Test an EV

Here owners can make their EV’s available to other members for a look around, discussion of the pros and cons, and if the owner is OK with it, maybe a drive too.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.